About Us

Values and Vision

    • Nordic Community is a not-for-profit and for impact organization that focuses on finding and implementing community-based solutions for cultural, social and environmental challenges in Copenhagen and Denmark. Organization is composed of independent entrepreneurs, environmental and social activists, managers and event organizers. 
    •  Our vision: A world where positive impact is created using community-based solutions as the key component in sustainable neighborhood development and improvement of citizens’ wellbeing. 
    • Our mission: We are working to provide everyone (individuals, communities and businesses) with knowledge, tools and power to solve cultural, social and environmental challenges. 
    • Purpose: Our main work is to fund and run community projects and cafes. Our main revenue streams are public funding, private donations and sales from our cafes.


Saimon Skurichin - founder. Behind - DEPOT, MÆD, MARKED. info@nordiccommunity.org

Roxana Gabriela Zlate - CEO and COO of MADBOKS. madboks@nordiccommunity.org